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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trip to California

Madison - one of my furbie girls!
She is really sweet, but likes to act like one of those tough terriers!
Hello everyone!

I hope everyone in the US has had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is a day to truly be thankful. I have a wonderful son serving our country, and I miss him very much. My daughter also lives out of state, where most of my family lives and I was unable to be with them this year. Still, they are for the most part healthy and happy (I think, lol) so again, I am grateful.

I would love to hear and post (with permission of course) any funny holiday stories.....Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

I think it would be fun to share a good story.

My furbie kids and I are on our way to "Sunny" California. Uh, not so sunny right now, snow there, and around a lot of the area I am traveling through. Tons of heavy rain today, driving was tough.

I hope you will bear with me a few more days until I get to my destination, then I will be back to making new digis and posting regularly on my blog!

Warm fuzzy hugs today!



  1. Madison is so cute. I've always had terriers, or terrier cross dogs. at moment I have a teeny tiny yorkie and a westie cross Bichon. Boy you really know you have a dog when you have a terrier don't you lol. Hope your journey goes well and you have a good weekend. Hugs lin

  2. Awwww, Madison is too cute! I love her coloring. Have a great trip. Oh, I have my first image colored, I just need to make the card. Hugs, dj

  3. I often joke that we misunderstood terrier which was really pronounced "terror" lol....she was quite a pistol as a younster! My son's buddy, and playmate. She would take down the boys by their pants and shoestrings!! Take on a 'possum, raccoon, or cat, and try to dig out the shrews....she was so much fun...still is, but is an old girl now. Mostly she enjoys hanging out and belly stratches. She is so smart, and so cute. I never take a day with her for granted. She is truly a blessing from God, and brings a lot of joy to my life.
    They say if you ever own a terrier, no other dog will compare.
    Hugs to everyone.

  4. Hello!

    What a beautiful dog! I live next to Madison, WI so her name is fun to see!

    I will be back to visit soon!

    Wishing you a fun day tomorrow!

    Barbara Diane

  5. Deborah, If you want to check out my blog, I've post my first card for you. Hugs, dj


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