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Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm back! Brain tumor surgery

Happy New Year Everyone!
It has been almost two looonnnng years since I posted.  So much has happened.  I do work a "real" job and this is my fun, and I was travel nursing for a while.  After coming home, I settled into a job close to home. 
Over the past 5-6 yrs I have suffered from "migraines".  They began to increase in frequency and intensity.  I saw my doctor.....regularly, but because I kept working (a necessity) and I kept working out (also a necessity for my sanity) I was the picture of perfect health.  I was really just art completely painting, no stamping, no designing.  And believe me when I tell you, I lived for my art time.  Now I went to bed when I got home.  Sometimes as early as 5 in the afternoon.
Anyway, I finally had a seizure, vomiting in the morning, and having vision changes so they did an MRI.  Brain stem tumor!  Very large because I had ignored it for sooooo long.  It was pressing on my brainstem and about the size of a small lemon.  I had to go to a tertiary care hospital (highest level) for surgery (October 19th 2012) and it has been a long road to recovery.  I almost lost the sight in my right eye, have trigeminal nerve pain and vertigo, but I am getting back to my old self.  I still lack depth perception as my eye is still in healing mode.   
I also lost my beloved Madison.  My faithful dog of 15 years who loved me and stood by me when I often felt alone (I wasn't but it felt that way).  I love you Maddie and I miss your happy doggy grin everyday!
I thank all of you that have stayed with this blog so patiently waiting.......I should have discussed it with you, but honestly what do you say....I feel horrible....everyday?   I would have lost you for sure!
Life is precious and my journey is still in the works, so I close this post with my usual and heartfelt "enjoy your journey in life my friend"!!!
Love to each and everyone who comes across this blog.